Latvian Song and Dance Festival role in Latvian Culture

During the years of Soviet domination, one of the pillars of survival for Latvia, as nation, was the choir singing. Today, free from the regime, inherited and maintained the value and structure of MUSIC EDUCATION through CHORAL MUSIC in schools. Thanks to this, today the country has the world’s highest rate of participation in choirs, where 3 out of 4 people participate in some coral activity. In general, schools (regular schools, not music ones) perform two rehearsals per week with students from pre-school up to the colleges. Result of this system, university choirs and semi-professional youth choirs of Latvia are among the best and most awarded in the world. An historical evidence of the value of choral music for this country, were the resistance movements against the Soviet regime, when thousands of people took to the streets and instead shouting of slogans, sang traditional songs to 4 voices, showing that the Soviets could not shut up a whole history and culture of a people. It is easy to understand how it is possible, every 5 years, promote the Latvian Song and Dance Festival, where choirs from all over the country gather in the Mezaparks arena with about 30,000 voices singing “a capella” and the pitch does not drop!

Post is provided by Cristiano Rizzotto